Hand Pad (HPAD) is an intuitive human computer interface that employs hand gestures to control computer applications. The engine connects to a video stream (e.g.  a user’s webcam), and through image processing it detects the location and configuration of the hand and calculates the hand gesture. The project aims to allow users to use it in their natural environment without putting any constraints or having them wear special gear. HPAD is a multi-input system that is developed as an Application Programming Interface (API) in order to allow developers to easily incorporate it into their applications. HPAD was developed as undergraduate thesis project in the American University In Cairo.

Group members

  1. Abdelrahman Mahmoud
  2. Tarek Hefni
  3. Mohamed El Selouky
  4. Mohamed Ibrahim
  5. Amin Al Marsafy


  1. Proposal Presentation
  2. SRS Presentation
  3. SDS Presentation
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